• Kalmaki (2.5 km):  A small resort with a long sandy beach

  • Kommos (4 km):  A very long beautifull sandy beach with natural dunes and tamarisk trees.  The Caretta-Caretta-turtles like to make their nests in the very fine sand. If you enjoy snorkeling, there are many fish to see.

  • Matala (7 km): Very nice bay. It’s really worth visiting the famous ancient cave -  houses with their stone beds and fireplaces. In the sixties, the hippys lived in those caves. In the little town, you can still feel “the flowerpowertime”.


A little bit futher away:


  • Agia Galini:  Nice resort with small alleys, a beautifull beach. If you enjoy surfing: it’s the place to be! You can also make several boattrips from the little fishingport .

  • Plakias:  Beautifull long beach , where also surfing is allowed. Here you can find also a divingschool.

Archeological sites:

  • Kamilari:  Minoan Tombs.  Just a little walk from Petaloudes through the olivegroves.

  • Kommos:  A major port of Phaistos with massive stone storage complexes.

  • Phaistos:  During the Minoan times was Phaistos a very important palace. It was the seat of king Ramandhitis, the brother of king Minos.

  • Agia Triada:  Here you can visit the summerpalace of Phaistos.

  • Gortyna: (Gortys) One of the most important city’s in the Minoan and Roman times.


A little bit further away


  • Knossos: (1 km from Heraklion) here you can visit the famous Palace of the Minoan King Minos.


! From Petaloudes you can also walk to

Phaistos and Agia Triada !